About the WAPES World Congress

WAPES World Congress (WWC) is a tri-annual event that is held every 3 years in a different member country. The previous three WWCs were celebrated in Marrakech, Morocco (2018), Istanbul, Turkey (2015) and Seoul, South-Korea (2012).

In 2022, it is time for Europe and Estonia to host the 12th World Congress.

Usually, the World Congress begins with meetings of the Managing Boards, old and new, and the General Assembly, which are then followed by a two-day conference. During the last two days, the participants can listen to various presentations and speakers and participate in different workshops.

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M. Abdelmonnime EL MADANI
Directeur Général de l'ANAPEC
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Meelis Paavel
Head of Board of Töötukassa

The World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES), operating since 1988, is a platform for exchange of information / knowledge between member countries and a global speaking partner in the field of employment and labour market issues.

As the first reference point on a global scale for labour market policies, it brings together 80 public employment agencies and over 1 million staff from around the world.

WAPES is organised in five world regions, each having a Vice-President as their representative. WAPES is led by the President and Moroccan PES, ANAPEC, is currently holding the presidency. WAPES ́ office whereas the Executive Secretariat is located in Brussels.

Every year, WAPES organises activities in all regions of the world for the benefit of public employment services and other invited organisations. These activities include for instance conferences, workshops, peer reviews, training, study visits and other consultancies as well as studies and surveys on public employment services’ strategy and performance.

Eesti Töötukassa (Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund) was founded in 2001 to administer unemployment insurance benefits and since 2009, it also offers a variety of services, counselling etc.

Eesti Töötukassa is an independent public body with autonomous status and trilateral management. The governing body, named Supervisory Board, has 6 members representing at equal foot the Government, trade unions and employers organisations.

The key responsibilities of Eesti Töötukassa are:

  • Provision of Active Labour Market Measures (ALMPs),
  • Payment of unemployment and work ability benefits and allowances,
  • Work ability assessment.

The strategic goals for the upcoming years are:

  • Reducing unemployment and the duration of unemployment and supporting sustainable employment,
  • Supporting structural changes in the economy,
  • Increasing labour supply,
  • Increasing cost-effectiveness.

The clients of Eesti Töötukassa are jobseekers, employees and employers, and young people aged 7-26.

Eesti Töötukassa has a two-level structure with one head office and 15 regional offices (with a total of 30 client service points). The number of staff is 964 (June 2021). The sources of funding are the state budget (58%), unemployment insurance contributions (36%) and the EU Funds (6%). The budget for the year of 2021 is appr. 733 million euros.

If You are interested in getting more information about Eesti Töötukassa and our services and would like to prolong Your stay in Estonia, we are happy to invite You to our office and to schedule a meeting on the topic of Your interest. Please send the inquiry to Kerstin Holland not later than 1st of April 2022.